lymph systemAccording to nationally renowned integrative oncologist Dr. Keith Block, The lymphatic system is, like the kidneys, another major filtering mechanism for the blood, aiding in the steady removal of toxins as well as debris from the immune system’s activities. Unlike the circulatory system, however, the lymphatics have no “pump” per se. Instead, the lymphatic fluids are moved by your own bodily movements, which can include the simple act of breathing as well as physical exercise.”

Your lymphatic system is composed of your tonsils, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, lymphatic fluid, vessels, and lymph nodes. You have three times more lymphatic fluid than blood. Lymphatic fluid carries white blood cells throughout your body to attack invaders. Your lymphatic fluid also carries dead cells, metabolic waste, and toxins which it eliminates through sweat, mucus, urine, and stools. Lymph nodes provide filters located in your armpits, groin, neck and the blood vessels of your chest and abdomen.

Without a pump, lymph fluid movement is dependent on a series of one-way valves and requires movement to move your lymphatic fluid. Exercise does this and this promotes detoxification. If you exercise vigorously enough to sweat, you also expel toxins through your skin.

One of the best exercises for the lymph system is jumping on a mini trampoline, aka rebounding. Rebounding creates an increased gravitational load which strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system and also promotes lymphatic circulation by stimulating the millions of one-way valves in your lymphatic system. In addition, it is very low impact and allows you to do aerobic exercises for much longer than you could on solid ground without tiring out. Rebounding: Good for the Lymph System is a great article written by Dave Scrivens, a Certified Lymphologist. Also be sure and check out Chris Wark’s video demonstration on rebounding here.

Dry Brushing Your skin is another easy way to cleanse the lymphatic system. See article here for all the benefits and “how to” instructions.

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