• Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD: As a cancer patient, physician and neuroscientist, Dr. Servan-Schreiber’s speaks with a powerful voice when he recommends dietary changes, exercise and elimination of fear and stress to prevent cancer and/or recurrence.
  • Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health by Dr. H. Gilbert Welch, MD reveals the social, medical, and economic ramifications of a health-care system that overdiagnoses and overtreats patients. There is a specific discussion on DCIS.
  • You Did What? Saying ‘No’ to Conventional Cancer Treatment by Hollie & Patrick Quinn:  This is a story about a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer who disagreed with her doctors, rejected their treatment advice, and chose her own path to getting well. It takes the mystery out of “alternative” medicine and gives you the courage to question “conventional” medicine.
  • Herbal Medicine, Healing & Cancer: A Comprehensive Program for Prevention and Treatment by Donald Yance, Jr., C.N, M.H, A.H.G:  As a certified nutritionist and one of the nation’s most respected herbalists,  Yance offers a major contribution to the literature of natural healing and cancer.
  • Patient Heal Thyself  by Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D., C.N.C.:  The author shares his story of surviving terminal Crohn’s disease through his experience with alternative medicine and the cure that he eventually discovered in homeostatic soil organisms and the Maker’s Diet, which the author claims to aid in treating and preventing cancer and other diseases.
  • Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book by Dr. Susan Love, MD:  This has long been the bible for the newly diagnosed. It is also a guide for those at risk of getting breast cancer, survivors interested in the consequences of their treatment, and anyone who wants to understand the new research about how the local environment influences the manifestations and treatments of many different kinds of breast cancer.
  • The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.: In the largest study of nutrition ever conducted, Dr. Campbell found that people who ate the most animal-based foods got the most chronic disease, while people who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest.
  • What Your Doctor Might NOT Tell You about Breast Cancer: How Hormone Balance Can Help Save Your Life by Dr. John Lee, MD: Dr. John Lee, an internationally renowned pioneer in bio-identical hormones, presents a hormone balance program to help reduce your risk of breast cancer or a breast cancer recurrence.
  • Avoiding Breast Cancer While Balancing Your Hormones by Joseph McWherter, M.D.: As medical director of the FEM Centre in Ft. Worth Texas, obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. McWherter reveals the steps you can take to avoid breast cancer, including diet, exercise, stress reduction, hormone balance, detox and supplements, while also reviewing screening options.
  • Knockout by Suzanne Somers: After a harrowing experience in which she is falsely diagnosed with metastatic cancer, Suzanne Somers supplies cutting edge options in preventing and dealing with cancer through interviews with several innovative doctors.
  • Breakthrough:Eight Steps to Wellness by Suzanne Somers: A compilation of interviews with physicians practicing cutting edge, preventative, anti-aging medicine.
  • Keeping a Breast: Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer by Dr. Kahlid Mahmud, MD, F.A.C.P.: As an oncologist and hematologist, Dr. Khalid Mahmud provides clear strategies to reduce the risk of breast cancer based not only on his experience as an oncologist, but also on an extensive review of the scientific literature.
  • Assess Your True Risk of Breast Cancer by Dr. Patricia T. Kelly, Ph. D : Medical geneticist Dr. Patricia Kelly provides a clear guide on how to assess your risk of breast cancer and how to decode the statistics from medical studies.
  • Natural Hormone Balance by Dr. Uzzi Reiss, MD/O.B.GYN: Offers a common sense bio-identical hormone replacement program to restore hormone balance.
  • Your Life in Your Hands, Understanding, Preventing and Overcoming Breast Cancer by Professor Jane Plant: After suffering from breast cancer five times, Professor Plant  offers an analysis of the underlying causes of breast cancer and her program for adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle.
  • Mind Over Medicine, Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Your Life, Lissa Rankin, MD discusses extraordinary cases of spontaneous healing, showing how thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can alter the body’s physiology. Check out her TedX video: The Shocking Truth About Your Health.
  • The ph Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health, Robert O. Young, PhD and Shelly R. Young: Dr. Young maintains that there is only one disease and only one cure. The disease: too much acidity in the blood; the cure: alkalize.

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