Lack of Support

When diagnosed with DCIS, fear often replaces rational decision making. Family, friends and doctors can pressure a woman into unnecessary treatments.  Unlike  invasive breast cancer, the risks are lower and “more” treatment may not always be the right choice, especially with low grade, small DCIS. Feeling comfortable with doing “less” requires courage. Having the support of other knowledgeable DCIS survivors can be invaluable.

While there are many wonderful “breast cancer” support groups, the dilemmas faced with DCIS are often quite different and unique to DCIS. There is a tremendous need for support specific to DCIS, especially when it comes to support for any treatment options that fall outside the “standard of care” box.  The decisions can be confusing and overwhelming and there is a lack of support and resources available for those wanting to take a more integrative approach combined with “active surveillance.”

Please think of this site as a virtual support group. We imagine some day to hold in-person retreats specific to women who have been diagnosed with DCIS. Please share with us any ideas or resources to help us make this vision become a reality.

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